Finished hand knit South Marysburgh Slipper

Week 09 – Skeins N⁰. 11

One skein of 100% blue churro wool from The Woolery. Well it is already Monday of Week 10, my Week 09 project was blocking yesterday and didn’t dry fast enough for photographing.  I have been in need of a new pair of slippers since we moved to Helena and finally decided to make a pair. After doing some research, I decided on the free South Marysburgh Slippers by Sam Lamb.  These little slippers looked perfect for adding that extra little layer for my feet this winter and they have just enough personality. Jason keeps referring to them as my Grinch slippers.

South Marysburgh Slippers made with Churro WoolEarlier this year, I bought a batch of Churro wool from The Woolery for a rug weaving project, but none of the colors played well together, so it has all just been hanging out on the loom waiting for inspiration to strike (or for me to buy a magical color from another source that will pull all of them together).  I figured if it is good for a rug it will probably hold up to the demands of a slipper.

Finished hand knit South Marysburgh Slipper

Confession – I didn’t do a gauge swatch and didn’t use the recommended needle size….but somehow it worked out. The yarn was rough on my delicate hands and my finger is still sore from this project. The pattern didn’t directly specify how much yarn was necessary for the slippers, and after I knit the base of the first one, I realized it was going to be tight. I ended up only having enough of the turquoise yarn for the base of the slipper and switched to a navy Churro wool for the upper band.  I am already missing those summer days when knit goods dried in an hour, I was hoping to get some photos yesterday but they were still wet when the sunlight disappeared. Overall, this pattern was easy to follow and makes a cute slipper.

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