Week 07 – Skein 09 Finish

My Vitamin D cardigan has actually been done for over a week now, but life has been exhausting so I am just now getting it up on the blog. The cardigan beats the original sweater by far. My cardigan doesn’t flow as nicely in the front as the pattern example, but I can live with mine.

With the weather we had last week I was afraid we would skip right over Fall and head straight into Winter, but the weather forecast for this week is going to be perfect for this outfit! 

For those keeping track, this is the very end of Week 07 and I have used 9 skeins. So far,  I have made a scarf, fingerless mittens and a cardigan!  I have some chunky yarn picked out for a quick hat project during Week 08. After spending so much time on the frogged Flax Lite Sweater and this cardigan I am looking forward to a quick project!



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