Purl Bee Soho Fingerless Seed Mittens with coffee cup in hands.

Skein Nº 01 and 02 Finishes

Yay! It is the end of week two and I have used two skeins of yarn and made two accessories! I also sewed up a Maya Top, which I will try and blog about next week. After debating what to do with the second skein of yarn, I am happy with the results.  I am glad I didn’t just stop with the single skein of yarn, because with my thick neck, I need the extra few inches to feel spectacular in the scarf. This project is intended to make clothes that I love and I want to be careful to make the right...

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Skein Nº 02 Update

My Purl Soho Seed Stitch Hand Warmers are almost done.  I wish I had made the larger size but it is too late now (or I am just being lazy).  As soon as the first one was big enough to try on, I realized I hadn’t thought this through all the way.  I did my standard cast-on and while my hand fits into the fingerless gloves, it has to squeeze into them because the cast on doesn’t have much stretch and for a brief moment it is a full on O.J. glove situation. When it was time to bind off...

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One finished knitted fingerless mitten and one just cast on.

Skein Nº 02

I decided to go with the fingerless gloves, in the end.  I have always loved a good seed stitch and after spending way too much time searching I decided to go with the Purl Soho Seed Stitch Mittens + Hand Warmers free knitting pattern. This pattern was published in 2014 and I have seen it around the web and on Pinterest over the years and it looks like a classic wardrobe item. The pattern indicates that it uses 2 skeins of yarn, so I was initially worried there wouldn’t be any leftover to...

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