Madeleine Roberg trying on Vitamin D knitting cardigan.

Skeins N⁰. 03- N⁰. 09 – Slow Progress

Madeleine Roberg trying on Vitamin D knitting cardigan.

I am really styling here….but the important part of the picture is how well the Vitamin D is coming along.  I am feeling positive about the cardigan compared to the sweater.  I am getting ready to split for the sleeves and I like how it sits on the shoulders and while this may not be a pretty picture…the reality is that it is a lot of work to take perfect pictures at each stage in the making progress. The goal is to have this finished by Sept. 15th.

Today I actually worked on a knit washcloth because I forgot my cardigan at home. Luckily I have back-up yarn and needles in my desk drawer.

If you are in the path of Irma or any other hurricanes this weekend, please stay safe. I grew up in Florida and most of my family lives there so I am sending my energy towards downgrading Irma…

I actually became an anthropologist because I wanted to work in disaster management but somehow became an archaeologist.  I am still drawn to giant disasters and the enormous efforts to rebuild lives. Whenever we have a disaster situation, such as the earthquake this summer, I give Jason and myself separate grades on how prepared we were and how we acted during the event.  For tornados Jason typically got a low grade because he was always trying to see what was going on…but for the earthquake we both failed.  It took me completely unawares and made me develop an earthquake strategy. Next time I will be ready.

Stay aware,


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  • Robert Roberg

    Matt of course will be working around the clock when Irma hits. Mercy, Scott and Wisdom plan to go to Kathleen’s for Saftey Harbor is, they say, higher ground. Your Mom and I plan to stay put unless it gets too intense and there is a shelter not far from us in a Middle School. We should not have any flooding as we are on a hill, but trailers are known to fly apart. We are not prepared yet.
    Love to our baby girl.

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