WIP Hedgehog scarf laying on top of previously made hitchhiker scarf.

Skein Nº 01 Hitchhiker Scarf + Hedgehog Fibres

WIP Hedgehog scarf laying on top of previously made hitchhiker scarf.

July was insanely hot this year and knitting was almost crazy but August has started out with perfect knitting weather which seems like a good omen. I am almost done with the first skein of my 52 skein project, yay! The problem is that I don’t feel like it is quite long enough. Above you can see the current state of affairs. On top is my Hedgehog Fibres scarf and below is the Hitchhiker scarf I made in April. The good news is that I do have another skein, but I know it won’t take the whole second skein of yarn. Right now it looks like I have three options.

OPTION 1: A Short Scarf

The simplest solution would be to simply bind off at the end of the first skein of yarn.  This leaves me the option to find a one-skein project to use the second skein. The problem is that part of the Capsule Wardrobe project is to not compromise your wardrobe and will I wear a scarf that I instinctively feel is just a wee bit to small to start with….

OPTION 2: Knit More

I can just use the second skein and knit until I LOVE the length.  The problem is that I am not looking to create a stash off yarn balls.  This yarn was expensive for me to purchase, so I don’t want to just be left with a weird amount of yarn that sits in a ball in a basket.  To get to the length that the scarf will feel right at, isn’t going to take a ton of the second skein, so that will be money just rolled into a ball…

OPTION 3: One Skein Pattern

Right now I am leaning towards putting the Hitchhiker scarf on hold and finding a one skein pattern that I make and hope there is enough yarn left after that project to make the scarf the right size. The reason I think I will start the second project before finishing the first project is so I get two complete projects, and once I know how much yarn the second project uses, means I can then use all of the remaining yarn to fill out the scarf.  I am thinking about some fingerless gloves. I thought about some quick boot cuffs but I am not sure if they fit with my current Wardrobe goals. Standard boots use to be my wardrobe staple but last Fall/Winter I found myself not reaching for them as much.

I am off to browse the web and Ravelry for some awesome one skein projects.  If you have a favorite one skein pattern, please share it below and subscribe so you can find out what I decide to do.



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