One finished knitted fingerless mitten and one just cast on.

Skein Nº 02

I decided to go with the fingerless gloves, in the end.  I have always loved a good seed stitch and after spending way too much time searching I decided to go with the Purl Soho Seed Stitch Mittens + Hand Warmers free knitting pattern. This pattern was published in 2014 and I have seen it around the web and on Pinterest over the years and it looks like a classic wardrobe item. The pattern indicates that it uses 2 skeins of yarn, so I was initially worried there wouldn’t be any leftover to...

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WIP Hedgehog scarf laying on top of previously made hitchhiker scarf.

Skein Nº 01 Update

July was insanely hot this year and knitting was almost crazy but August has started out with perfect knitting weather which seems like a good omen. I am almost done with the first skein of my 52 skein project, yay! The problem is that I don’t feel like it is quite long enough. Above you can see the current state of affairs. On top is my Hedgehog Fibres scarf and below is the Hitchhiker scarf I made in April. The good news is that I do have another skein, but I know it won’t take the whole...

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Swatch of garter, stockinette, yarn over and seed stitch in Potluck Colorway of Hedgehog Fibres

Skein N⁰ 01

I love the start of a new project, so welcome to 52 skeins. Last year in an effort to streamline life, I embraced the Capsule Wardrobe concept. The idea is to discard the clothes you wear but struggle with and pick a small amount of clothes you love to wear.  It was easy to get rid of ill-fitting and cheap clothes but after I discarded most of my wardrobe, I ended up not being able to find the pieces of clothing I wanted to fill my closet. The other day I realized that if I could just commit...

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