Madeleine Roberg wearing essex linen maya top and blue striped skirt and straw hat.

Maya Top

Hello Friday!  Woke up early this morning with smoke in the lungs from all the fires in this area. Last summer, it wasn’t nearly this bad and everybody is getting worried because our fire fighting budget is running out and the fires are not. I left some clothes out to dry on the rack last night and they had ash on them when I went outside this morning.

Madeleine Roberg wearing essex linen maya top and blue striped skirt and straw hat.

The first time I saw the Maya Top by Marilla Walker, it was of course on Instagram and I loved it but lost it.  I had this fuzzy memory of this adorable top from Instagram and I knew there was a pattern out there but I couldn’t remember the details or even who among my Instagram friends had made it. Now that Instagram allows you to save images in a collection, I have one specifically for cute clothes, I might one day want to make.  Eventually someone else in my feed made one and I was able to find the pattern.

Close up view of Madeleine Roberg wearing the maya top pattern.

I made this striped skirt with huge pockets last summer but struggled with finding the right top to wear with it, so it was languishing in the closet.  I would take it out and try different options, but none of them ever quite worked. When I went on my mini-trip last week I decided I needed a new outfit that morning.

Since,  I already had this lovely Robert Kaufman Essex linen in my stash, I decided to whip up my first Maya Top.  This top is sew easy to make. It took well under two hours from start to finish, even with the Chaton doing her best to distract me.  In my haste, I actually ended up severely burning my arm with the iron.  It turns out I can iron clothes like a right-handed person but ironing for sewing requires me to position the iron correctly. My brain was doing some weird switching and somehow the iron ended up right on my arm.  It was horrible and is still healing, but I will spare you the photos.

The Chaton covering up my pattern pieces.

The top goes great with my big pocket skirt and I have been wearing this outfit like crazy.  I really like that the Maya Top has sleeves and I have seen some great versions where people have made the sleeves a little longer and I might try that on my next one.  Typically, I prefer more fitted garments, so the silhouette is taking a little bit to get use to due to the boxiness, but I have already bought fabric for my next one!

Madeleine Roberg trying on yoke section of Flax Light Sweater.

Here is a progress shot of my Flax Light sweater.  The yoke fits nicely and there is enough stretch for my head to fit in the neck, but I am a bit worried that the stockinette stitch will make it feel boring and plain, so we shall see.

Are you ready for the solar eclipse?  Jason and I are reevaluating our camping plans this weekend due to the extreme smoke in this area.

Have a great weekend,


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