Week 07 – Skein 09 Finish

My Vitamin D cardigan has actually been done for over a week now, but life has been exhausting so I am just now getting it up on the blog. The cardigan beats the original sweater by far. My cardigan doesn’t flow as nicely in the front as the pattern example, but I can live with mine. With the weather we had last week I was afraid we would skip right over Fall and head straight into Winter, but the weather forecast for this week is going to be perfect for this outfit!  For those keeping...

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Madeleine Roberg wearing almost finished Vitiamin D cardigan.

Hurricane Knitting

Last weekend I was glued to the Hurricane Irma footage.  When I was growing up in Florida we didn’t have TV so waiting for the hurricane meant listening to the radio for hours and imagining the destruction it was leaving behind.  Now YouTube streams all the major networks that are broadcasting hurricane coverage so you can watch it live. I woke up at 5 a.m. to start watching the coverage and barely moved all day worrying about what was going to happen.  My family is spread out on the...

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Madeleine Roberg trying on Vitamin D knitting cardigan.

Skeins N⁰. 03- N⁰. 09 – Slow Progress

I am really styling here….but the important part of the picture is how well the Vitamin D is coming along.  I am feeling positive about the cardigan compared to the sweater.  I am getting ready to split for the sleeves and I like how it sits on the shoulders and while this may not be a pretty picture…the reality is that it is a lot of work to take perfect pictures at each stage in the making progress. The goal is to have this finished by Sept. 15th. Today I actually worked on a...

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Vitamin D Knitting Pattern Fibre Company Yarn

Skeins N⁰. 03- N⁰. 09 – Fresh Start

This project has been kinda rough from the start. First the yarn didn’t match my project, and now the project didn’t match my body. After going back to Ravelry I decided to make the Vitamin D cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier.  This cardigan has been in my Ravelry Queue for a long time.  The sample is actually knit in a very similar color as my yarn and since it is a cardigan I think it will resolve the magnified boob problem. Starting over is not nearly as exciting as starting the...

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Flax Sweater Frogging Yarn

Skeins N⁰. 03- N⁰. 09 – Frogging

Frogging, frogging, frogging all day. I HATE to have to admit this but the Flax Light Sweater was looking terrible on me.   It has taken me a few days to come to grips with how I was looking in the sweater and a few more days for me to be brave enough to share a photo of how the sweater was looking on me. It made my boobs look ginormous and not in a flattering way.  I kept thinking if I knit a little more, maybe it would look better but alas I reached a point where I knew that it...

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Flax Sweater Light sweater in progress knitting.

Making Progress- Flax Light Sweater

I have been making progress on my Flax Light Sweater. The pattern has you knit the body before the sleeves, but I decided to knit a little bit of the body and a little bit of the sleeves and go from there. I get impatient and like to try on my sweater as I go and I can better ration the yarn, since I am nervous about running out of yarn. I am getting nervous that the sweater is going to look severely boring in just stockinette stitch….but we will see…. Random Tip:  So probably...

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Madeleine Roberg wearing essex linen maya top and blue striped skirt and straw hat.

Maya Top

Hello Friday!  Woke up early this morning with smoke in the lungs from all the fires in this area. Last summer, it wasn’t nearly this bad and everybody is getting worried because our fire fighting budget is running out and the fires are not. I left some clothes out to dry on the rack last night and they had ash on them when I went outside this morning. The first time I saw the Maya Top by Marilla Walker, it was of course on Instagram and I loved it but lost it.  I had this fuzzy memory...

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Seed stitch yoke in Road to China Light yarn in the Topaz colorway.

Knitting with a Heavy Heart

You might only be here for the knitting, but I feel compelled to share what I was watching last night while knitting.  My quilting friend Latifah Saafir posted a Vice World News link to Charlottesville on Facebook last night and I agree with her that everybody needs to watch this short show. Grab your knitting and watch this right now. If you don’t have knitting you still need to sit here and watch this… Stay safe and speak up, Madeleine  

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Skeins of Road to China Light yarn in Topaz.

Skeins N⁰. 03- N⁰. 09

Ahhh…new yarn!  If shopping for clothes in Helena is tough, finding beautiful yarn is even harder. We have a small local yarn store and I try to buy yarn but it is all SCRATCHY….and there are never enough skeins in the same colorway for a sweater. The plan for my next project was to make a Junegrass Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the pattern and started selecting yarn online. After picking out the yarn I wanted, I asked my friend about the yarn and...

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