Shawl before frogging

Week 12 – Skein N⁰. 14 Swatching

I am all out of exciting yarn until we voyage to a larger city, so in the meantime I am playing around with Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. After doing some test swatches, I picked a stitch for a self-drafted shawl pattern, but after some progress, I started to wonder if the overall stitch was looking matronly. After asking several people the answer was clear, it was time to frog….I have already frogged more during this project then I anticipated….

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Purl Bee Soho Fingerless Seed Mittens with coffee cup in hands.

Skein Nº 01 and 02 Finishes

Yay! It is the end of week two and I have used two skeins of yarn and made two accessories! I also sewed up a Maya Top, which I will try and blog about next week. After debating what to do with the second skein of yarn, I am happy with the results.  I am glad I didn’t just stop with the single skein of yarn, because with my thick neck, I need the extra few inches to feel spectacular in the scarf. This project is intended to make clothes that I love and I want to be careful to make the right...

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WIP Hedgehog scarf laying on top of previously made hitchhiker scarf.

Skein Nº 01 Update

July was insanely hot this year and knitting was almost crazy but August has started out with perfect knitting weather which seems like a good omen. I am almost done with the first skein of my 52 skein project, yay! The problem is that I don’t feel like it is quite long enough. Above you can see the current state of affairs. On top is my Hedgehog Fibres scarf and below is the Hitchhiker scarf I made in April. The good news is that I do have another skein, but I know it won’t take the whole...

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