South Marysburgh Knit Slippers

Skein N⁰. 12 & Skein N⁰. 13 – Tired Feet

I skipped blogging last week, due to Jason running Le Griz which is a 50+ mile race up in Glacier National Park.  It turns out that it is faster to run 50 miles than to knit a pair of slippers. Although, I was not nearly as focused on knitting as he was on running… I am starting to think that mud is just a part of ultra running, so I need to remember that when I plan knitting projects.  I used the same tough Churro wool that I used for my slippers so I wasn’t worried about the...

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Finished hand knit South Marysburgh Slipper

Week 09 – Skeins N⁰. 11

 Well it is already Monday of Week 10, my Week 09 project was blocking yesterday and didn’t dry fast enough for photographing.  I have been in need of a new pair of slippers since we moved to Helena and finally decided to make a pair. After doing some research, I decided on the free South Marysburgh Slippers by Sam Lamb.  These little slippers looked perfect for adding that extra little layer for my feet this winter and they have just enough personality. Jason keeps referring to them...

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