Madeleine Roberg wearing almost finished Vitiamin D cardigan.

Hurricane Knitting

Trying on knitted Vitiamin D cardigan.

Last weekend I was glued to the Hurricane Irma footage.  When I was growing up in Florida we didn’t have TV so waiting for the hurricane meant listening to the radio for hours and imagining the destruction it was leaving behind.  Now YouTube streams all the major networks that are broadcasting hurricane coverage so you can watch it live. I woke up at 5 a.m. to start watching the coverage and barely moved all day worrying about what was going to happen.  My family is spread out on the West coast of Florida so after it passed one person it was about to hit the next one.  Thankfully, my family and friends only had minor damage and debris. Living without electricity is going to get old though.  Madeleine Roberg wearing almost finished Vitiamin D cardigan.

Due to sitting on the couch stressing out, I was able to make significant progress on my cardigan and plan to have it all finished by Friday!!!!!  It has been a scorcher the last few weeks but the temperatures are dropping. Friday is suppose to have a high of 43 degrees which is going to feel crazy cold.  As I was looking at these photos to post, I started wondering if the short row shaping is suppose to be higher, like a sewing dart would be?  I am not sure and since I feel okay with how it looks so far I am going to leave it alone.

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