Madeleine Roberg wearing hand knit wool Blueberry Waffle Socks

Week 24 – Skein N⁰. 22 Blueberry Waffle Socks

I made another pair of socks!  This week I went with another free sock pattern I found on Ravelry called the Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner.  I got this gorgeous skein of Natur 100% superwash wool yarn at a knitting shop in Nuremberg, Germany. It is crazy how easy making socks can be and once you have done it once you can easily adjust the pattern. I know that I like how the foot fits on the Hermione’s Everyday sock and I didn’t like how the foot fit on the Business Casual...

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Madeleine Roberg of Domestic Strata wearing Business Casual Hand Knit Wool Socks

Week 23 – Skein N⁰. 21 Business Casual Socks + Germany

Hello….I am back!  Jason and I went to Germany for Christmas and we had a grand time. I thought I would get lots of knitting done but it turns out that I barely knit at all. I started the free Business Casual Sock pattern by Tanis Fiber Arts. I am using the same yarn as I used for my Everyday Socks, but in a different colorway. The weather was so warm in comparison to Helena, so we got in quite a few good hikes. I spotted some sheep on our first day as we hiked up to the Sanctuary of...

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Wearing my hand knit Hermione's Everyday Socks

Week 18 – Skein N⁰. 20

  This week I knit my very first pair of socks! I have always been a bit intimidated by the idea of socks but these turned out so amazing, I’ve actually already cast-on a second pair. Last Christmas, I knit my Mother-In-Law a hitchhiker scarf with this yarn and I had one 400 yard skein left over which it turns out is the perfect amount to knit a pair of socks. I selected the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern by Erica Lueder. Over 20k people have successfully made these socks...

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Masonry Mitts sitting in snow.

Week 17 – Skein N⁰. 19 Masonry Mitts

After finishing a large project like My Worket, I always find myself a bit drained. This week I cast on a bunch of different test swatches of a bulky yarn I have but I just kept ripping them out, nothing felt right.  On Friday night around 7:30 p.m. it dawned on me that I had left my fingerless mittens at work and that I was going to need them on Saturday.  Since I can’t get into work on the weekend, I decided to knit some up before our Soda Kiln loading started at 10 a.m. on...

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Hand knit aran cable worket™shawl.

Week 13-16 – Skeins N⁰. 14 – N⁰. 19 My Worket™

I know that you all haven’t heard from me for a while, but I have been busy over the last month knitting.  Last year I bought a cheap synthetic black shawl that is essentially a blanket with a slit in it so you can conveniently wear a blanket and still move around and do stuff.   I nicknamed it the WORKET™ use it is essentially a blanket you can wear at work, which is awesome for a person like me that has been known to wear her down coat inside in July because of cold office...

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Shawl before frogging

Week 12 – Skein N⁰. 14 Swatching

I am all out of exciting yarn until we voyage to a larger city, so in the meantime I am playing around with Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. After doing some test swatches, I picked a stitch for a self-drafted shawl pattern, but after some progress, I started to wonder if the overall stitch was looking matronly. After asking several people the answer was clear, it was time to frog….I have already frogged more during this project then I anticipated….

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South Marysburgh Knit Slippers

Skein N⁰. 12 & Skein N⁰. 13 – Tired Feet

I skipped blogging last week, due to Jason running Le Griz which is a 50+ mile race up in Glacier National Park.  It turns out that it is faster to run 50 miles than to knit a pair of slippers. Although, I was not nearly as focused on knitting as he was on running… I am starting to think that mud is just a part of ultra running, so I need to remember that when I plan knitting projects.  I used the same tough Churro wool that I used for my slippers so I wasn’t worried about the...

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Finished hand knit South Marysburgh Slipper

Week 09 – Skeins N⁰. 11

 Well it is already Monday of Week 10, my Week 09 project was blocking yesterday and didn’t dry fast enough for photographing.  I have been in need of a new pair of slippers since we moved to Helena and finally decided to make a pair. After doing some research, I decided on the free South Marysburgh Slippers by Sam Lamb.  These little slippers looked perfect for adding that extra little layer for my feet this winter and they have just enough personality. Jason keeps referring to them...

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Madeleine Roberg wearing finished lopi green Not Another Bulky Beret.

Week 08 – Skeins N⁰. 10

This week I went for a quick knit with chunky yarn. I bought this skein of chunky green wool last November from a local yarn pop-up Christmas shop. This Lopi yarn is a mix of Bluefaced Leicester and Island Lamb. Growing up my dad loved wearing a beret and I was of course horrified. I feel like I maybe even use to hide it so he would have to wear a “normal” hat.  So I had to chuckle to myself when I was browsing Ravelry and found myself drawn to the berets. There were tons of...

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Week 07 – Skein 09 Finish

My Vitamin D cardigan has actually been done for over a week now, but life has been exhausting so I am just now getting it up on the blog. The cardigan beats the original sweater by far. My cardigan doesn’t flow as nicely in the front as the pattern example, but I can live with mine. With the weather we had last week I was afraid we would skip right over Fall and head straight into Winter, but the weather forecast for this week is going to be perfect for this outfit!  For those keeping...

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